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Meet Tiffany Lauren

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.
~ Edith Head

Tiffany LaurenEvery since I can remember, I have loved clothing. The different textures, colors, and details, all appeal to me in a wonderfully sensational way. However, clothing is only one part of what defines style. For me style comes naturally, and fortunately (for all of us) I have a natural eye for what looks good on women as individuals. What you wear has to represent the best you, and everyone knows that when you look good you feel good.

I want to appeal to the everyday woman — not some unrealistic idea of one. A sophisticated woman embraces her body, accepts her flaws, and flaunts her assets — and that’s exactly what I am here to help you do. I have helped many women in my life define their style, and I take pride in the feeling they get from loving their newfound style. I cater to women on a mission, and help take the guesswork out of what to wear.

I believe that style and fashion is so much more than what you wear- it’s a way of thinking, communicating, and existing. All of which go far beyond fashion trends.

My journey into fashion began when I entered high school, where I studied fashion design and fashion marketing. In college I studied the fine arts, art history, and photography — all things beautiful — but still fashion managed to make its way into my curriculum. I received a Bachelor’s of Arts, and I am currently pursuing a graduate degree in Business Management. Through my studies I have been able to observe  many women from a variety of different cultures showcase their personal aesthetic and fashion sense. These experiences have inspired me to travel to Europe, Central America, and all over the United States to rediscover my love for women’s fashion and style.

So now I bring you La Sophisticate, a personal shopping and stylist service that offers women the key to unlock their individual style and personality through an amazing wardrobe. From special events to wardrobe overhauls, I’ve got you covered. Dressing well is easy, La Sophisticate makes it easier. m

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